The Science Of Sharing: Super Bowl 50 Study   


Super Bowl 50 has been called “Super Bowl Light.” The ads were light-hearted, light in substance and light in connecting with consumers. This last bit was the fatal flaw in a lackluster year for Big Game ad sharing – high emotional intensity is the secret sauce behind making people lean in to watch and engage with an ad. Ad quality fell year-over-year and shares dipped 17% in 2016.  

Why read this report?

  • To gain insight into what makes a successful Super Bowl ad.

  • Learn tips on how to launch a winning digital video campaign, any time of year.

  • Understand the hits and misses of some of the most memorable Super Bowl ads last year

  • Take a deep dive into 3 video case studies (Doritos’ “Ultrasound,” the most shared Super Bowl ad; Mountain Dew’s “#Puppymonkeybaby;” highlighting demo preferences and favorability and Budweiser’s “#NotBackingDown” highlighting a strategy shift from prior years).

  • Know when to launch your Super Bowl ad.

  • Use data to make the decision whether or not to use teasers.