Emotions matter in marketing. Creating value, inspiring action and driving sales.


Introducing Unruly EQ:

With growing evidence that emotional impact is the most reliable predictor for marketing and business success, Unruly EQ is an algorithmically-trained tool which allows advertisers to maximise the social and emotional impact of their content by evaluating, improving and predicting the online potential of video ads.

The Unruly EQ algorithm is trained using almost 1 million viewer reactions to videos and provides:

  • Identification of the type and intensity of emotions elicited by an ad to predict its overall impact;
  • Diagnostics to optimise content for emotional impact and improve creative quality;
  • Deep analysis of the metrics that matter, including brand statements, brand impact, purchase intent and predicted shareability;
  • Analysis to identify whether viewers feel an ad is authentic to the brand.

You can find out more about how you can get started with Unruly EQ today by downloading our 2-pager.



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