2017 Super Bowl Video Impact Study   

Did you know that this crop of Super Bowl ads were less likely to engage millennials than older audiences? 

The data-filled report looks at the key trends at Super Bowl 2017 and the ads which had the biggest impact, and also notes:

  • Brand recall tanked - viewers weren’t able to remember the brands, and recall was 15% below the US average

  • Almost a third (32%) of the ads released for Super Bowl 2017 were teaser campaigns, but these only attracted 7% of the total number of shares

  • People have an appetite for longer ads! 26% of overall shares went to extended versions of ads (and accounted for only 6% of total videos)

  • Hyundai’s “A Better Super Bowl” was the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl. Find out about deep dive in the study and a “snapshot of a winner” light overview on the back cover.

  • Cause marketing with a comparison of Coke and Airbnb’s take on diversity